Introducing Cryptocards

The Cryptocards collection was created at the dawn of what is considered cryptoart or NFTs today. The collection includes over 50+ cards covering Bitcoin’s most important milestones up to 2018. The original contract was deployed on January 7, 2018.

It was exhilarating to experiment in such an early space: ERC-1155 and ERC721 did not exist yet. Back then, we developed our own NFT marketplace called Misfit Art featuring Cryptocards as the first collection.

Fast forward to 2021 the NFT landscape evolved tremendously and we decided to honor the history behind this collection and make it available for people to collect. The initial Cryptocards are almost an ERC20 token, and we developed an ERC1155 wrapper to make them available on Opensea.

The initial presale of the Cryptocards is still ongoing. Any NFT's bought now are automatically wrapped to ERC1155 and can be traded on OpenSea.


MisfitArt launched in December 2017 being among the first decentralized marketplaces for digital assets on the Ethereum blockchain.

Cryptocards, minted in January 2018, was the first collection featured on the platform.

Only the remaining presale of Cryptocards takes now place on the platform. Other marketplace features (sell, buy, bid) are now disabled.

Users participating on the presale will get the wrapped ERC1155 version of Cryptocards that they can trade on OpenSea. Users that bought before the wrapped version will be able to wrap exiting Cryptocards to ERC1155.

You can view our 2018 contract and the ERC1155 wrapper Etherscan.

Misfit Art is the digital art marketplace featuring collections and digital artwork submitted by artists.

Cryptocards is the first collection launched on the MisfitArt Platform.

CryptoCard are digital collectible cards created to capture the most important milestones in Bitcoin’s history.

The original contract of these Ethereum collectibles was deployed on January 7, 2018.

They use a modified version of the Cryptopunks contract.

The first NFT collection tracking Bitcoin's important milestones.

They are a unique hybrid between art and collectibles.

Misfit Art was among the first decentralized marketplace for artists on Ethereum.

They are historical artifacts.

At the time of writing this, there are still Cryptocards available at the presale price. Please browse the collection for details about availability.

There are 61 unique Crytocards with different levels of rarity that influences the total supply for each. The total supply of Cryptocards is 8.451.

Here’s what we are up to:

  • Cryptocards 2018 NFTs sale (Ongoing)
  • Create ERC1155 Wrapper to enable Cryptocards trading on OpenSea (Done)
  • Create Cryptocards DAO as the governing body of the ecosystem. (Started)
  • Reward presale participants
  • Submit proposals to the DAO regarding direction of the ecosystem: (minting new Cryptocards, accepting submissions, .etc)

Users participating in the presale will receive directly Wrapped Erc1155 Cryptocards that are tradeable on Opensea.

Users that bought Cryptocards before the ERC1155 wrapper was deployed can wrap their Cryptocards to ERC1155.

We recommend you use MetaMask for optimal results.

Browse Cryptocards Collection and look for cryptocards available for sale. You need a MetaMask wallet. MetaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet with which you can store various tokens and NFTs.
Click here to set up a MetaMask wallet.

At the moment the platform is the only place where you can participate in the presale.

The more advanced features, like buy, sell, transfer and bid that were initially supported are currently disabled. As we now support ERC1155 via a wrapper trading is moved to OpenSea.

Right now the presale logic interacts with 2 contracts the 2018 one and the ERC1155 Wrapper to buy and wrap in one step.

On your MetaMask you can edit down the gas fees to something more reasonable. Make sure you mark the priority setting as low.

Also, if you opted to buy multiple items at once you can lower the quantity bought. That will lower the total gas required.